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Teaching Mandarin Is Our Business

About Mandarin Connect

Why Mandarin Connect?

We specialise in and are passionate about Mandarin. We aim to meet the fast-growing need for Chinese language skills and cultural understanding through provision of top-quality tutors, workshops and inspiring study trips to China.


Mandarin Connect hopes to bring this fascinating culture and relevant language skills to more and more people in Australia.

Culture Agents

Mandarin Connect is pleased to be the exclusive partner for Culture Agents in Australia.


Culture Agents is designed to set students on a path toward success in a multicultural environment while sparking global friendships that will last a lifetime. Through our story-driven content, students embark on missions with their fellow Culture Agents to defeat the Xenophobes who are spreading fear, ignorance and arrogance throughout the world. The more students learn and share about real life in an overseas environment, the weaker the Xenophobes become. To learn how this innovative program can be rolled out in your school, please contact us now. To learn more about Culture Agents, please visit their website:

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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